Ambon to Lombok

When I arrived in Ambon, I went all over the town and also checked the ferry schedule to Kupang. I found out that the ferry from Ambon to Kupang did not go as often as I thought it would. My other option was an Air Force aircraft, so I went to the Air Force base and asked them if there were any of their airplanes flying to Kupang. Unfortunately, there was no route to Kupang . I changed my plan and instead of going to Kupang, I flew to Lombok with Air Force Casa aircraft. I did this because from Lombok I would be able to drive all the way to Kupang.

Near the beach in Ambon

Near the beach in Ambon


Around Ambon

When I was in the air force base I met Wahyu, a cyclist from Jakarta. He wanted to fly to Papua, since I had got back from Papua, we exchanged our stories. Wahyu had cycled all the way from Jakarta to Ambon, along the way, if he ran out of money, he would work for a while and would continue his journey after he got enough money. I admired him for what he had done.


Wahyu the cyclist


Ambon locals cyclist and me

The next day I flew to Lombok. From Lombok, I was planning to drive all the way to Kupang, because I really wanted to visit all the 34 provinces of Indonesia. A lot of people had warned me about the road in Flores. People had said that the road is going to be hard because there are so many sharp corners, but I kept on going. After I finished circling Lombok, I crossed to Sumbawa Island.  On the ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa, I met a guy who told me about this vihara where I could stay for a night. When I finally arrived in Sumbawa it was almost dark but I continued driving to find the vihara. It was around two hours driving from the harbor. When I arrived, the family who lives there greeted me.


Plecing Kangkung is a typical Indonesian cuisine from Lombok


The traditional house of Sasak people


One of the temple that i found along the way in Lombok


Wooden boat from Lombok to Gili Island


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